The cut is for altering or eliminating a layer of thin coat, while polishing includes removing dirt, scrapes, wax, and cuts that can’t be eliminated just by washing. Cut & Polish is generally used for removing cover scratches, light oxidation as well as curl marks or blurs.

Cuts in the paint work don’t habitually influence the running of the vehicle. But it’s still helpful to have your car seeming good and if you’re attempting to trade it in, it can mean a higher price in return.

Cut and polish remove scars, cuts, dirt and minor imperfections in your car with the aid of abrasive compounds. Paint renewal, restoration, and paint improvement are the same. It is a term we use when the paintwork is oxidised, bleached, and heavily damaged, which will need at least three stages of compounding, polishing, and waxing is done.

Waxes, sealants and most finishes will not permanently eliminate these surface defects, at best they will protect them temporarily. To eradicate these imperfections carefully and forever, you want to polish the exterior starting with a less intrusive polish and applying extra aggressive polishes as needed. The compound polishing agents and the polishing shreds will delicately remove the notable surface flaws in your car.

Cut and polish really do remove scratches from your car because it is done with a meticulous process from washing to waxing. Specific compounds are being used primarily to enhance the car’s protective coat. Firstly the paintwork will be cleaned and dried we will Clay Bar the surface for best results before waxing. Press polished with a unique cutting polish which will safely eliminate the imperfections of the paint and then a coat of wax used by hand or machine.

Scratches are removed in these very meticulous steps. It is often required while cutting the paint, to hold short of removing a full cut or discolouration due to obstructions in the thickness of the cover’s colour. The paint is polished to a high radiance using specific pads and finishes. It brings out intensity and reflectivity as you have never seen. Special care, employing high-level technique is taken here to reduce swirl lines to the point to where they can be removed in the next move.

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