The developing features of cars and the ever-growing performance class have begun the process of car washing to enhance timed and precision-based. Car wash specialists have no place for errors as they need to have an excellent looking car fit the norm.

Automated car washing is a method of washing your car with the used of tools or automated machines while hand carwash uses a cloth and detergent. So in this article we’ll compare hand carwash and automatic wash.

Below is the comparison between hand carwash and automatic wash.

1. Hand Washing a car is a time-intensive prospect however will generally produce better results. Whether you do it yourself or you spend money for someone to clean your car it can take anywhere between forty-five minutes to two hours or even longer depending on how accurate and detailed you want the car to be. 

2. A hand car wash can be a bit heavy on water use if not done correctly. Detergent can end up in waterways and flows through the soil however most car washing detergents use safe components in their cleaning chemicals. The International Carwash Association has approved various studies to take needful steps to preserve and restore water in the car wash business in a standardised practice. The Automated machines are intended to reduce waters usage, and now most car washes are using environmentally friendly soaps as an added free on time.

3. The car exterior paint is one of the most valuable parts of any car, and the purchaser preserves it at all times. The usage of hard brushes in the antiquity led to scars and the eventual eradication of body colour works. Automatic car washes have always had a reputation of damaging cars as they use the same cleaning approach for every car. One show fits all. Now you can’t wash a brand new car with the same vigour as something from the 1950’s. A machine will not help here, granted they are getting better but will never compete against a good old fashioned hand wash. 

4. The automated carwash is recognised for practicing modern car washing methods that conserve time and water. The time factor and the low volumes of water applied to allow the car owner and wash technician to cut on expenses.

There are many reasons and advantages of why an automatic car wash can be better than a hand car wash but it will is only ever a quick fix and will never be able to reach all of those difficult places. For a professional car detailing and wash services, visit Mobile Car Detailing Perth. Your vehicle will never have looked so good. For more car washing tips visit our other blogs.